Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom(s) in on 27 March

Pocket-Lint: The Wi-Fi version of the Motorola Xoom is set to hit US stores on 27 March, priced at $599 - raising hopes that we could see a launch date in the UK of around the same time.

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michass82623d ago

Would be great to see it in the UK before end of this month :)

fatstarr2623d ago

this is another one of those gadgets that is overpriced for how much it costs to make.

michass82622d ago

Yeah, it is a sad true... iSuppli estimates that the Motorola XOOM costs $359.92 in parts to manufacture... lets even say that total cost and distribution per unit is $400, so on 1 device they have $199 pure profit... this is absolutely unfair... the Tablet market need more competition, hopefully then the prices will drop :)