New Toshiba Qosmio X500-Q930X Sandy Bridge Laptop available for $1,899

Toshiba released its new series of Qosmio Laptop, the new Laptop model name is Qosmio X500-Q930X, the new laptop is powered with 2GHz Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core (up to 2.9GHz in Turbo Boost mode) Sandy Bridge processor which is made for high performance.

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techprezz2683d ago

Probably the Toshiba's first Sandy Bridge Laptop, and i think its also an affordable one too.

michass82682d ago

well, it is a bit expensive, but I think it is worth that price lol

techprezz2682d ago

Is this one worth more than Apple Macbook ?

michass82682d ago

Depends on needs but generally I would go for Qosmio.
(Better CPU/RAM/GPU/HDD also has a Blu-Ray)

fatstarr2682d ago

Wow the prices of laptops these days... 6 months from now depreciation kicks in.