iPhone 5: Dual SIM Cards, No NFC, Aluminum Case

New rumors suggest that the Apple's next generation iPhone will house two SIM cards and feature a redesigned aluminum case. Another report suggests that the iPhone 5 will not feature NFC technology.

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michass82627d ago

We will see, at the moment all we can do is wait... I am not the Apple fan but this phone will be very interesting device...

techniglee2627d ago

I agree, there is a lot of competition. I'm hoping for 4G. I also heard rumblings of a glasses free 3D screen.

michass82627d ago

Yeah, looks like huge canned fish LOL. But I think that isn't the final project of the iPhone 5 at all lol.

techniglee2627d ago

Fluff(y), like a rumor:)

KrimsonKody2627d ago

Hologram app?
Are U serious?

fllysurfer2626d ago

2 Sims is bogus info... They actually wanted to make it embedded so I find it hard to believe... Unless they are talking about those "Iphonies" that China puts out,

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