Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play reportedly to be released on March 31 in UK; LG Optimus 3D for late May

First PlayStation Certified Android Smartphone Sony Ericsson xperia Play is reportedly to be released in UK on March 31. It’s said that the XPERIA play Smartphone will be launched with a biggest marketing campaign ever done by Sony Ericsson.

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techprezz2502d ago

LG phones are always sucks, i hate them. Just waste of money.

michass82501d ago

I agree, I never even really consider of buying LG phone, some reason, maybe it is just very poor marketing in place where I live...

techprezz2501d ago

Im waiting for Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, such a great phone coming.

Aussiegamer2501d ago

Would be handy if I took the train to work everyday. But wouldnt get time to use all the goodies on it though.

techprezz2501d ago

Just wait and see, you will wonder with it in your hand.

fatstarr2501d ago

this phone will just be overshadowed by the better phones coming out.

michass82500d ago

Agree, this phone is great, but there is more on the way, much better...