NOOKcolor Gets Bluetooth Support Now

For those of you out there that own NOOKcolor or looking for a reason to have the NOOKcolor, an important step forward was taken in the development of stable Android ROM for the device. In a newly-built SD card boot CM7 for electronic reader verygreen tablet became XDA Android developer support is enabled with Bluetooth.

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techprezz2682d ago

I think NOOKcolor is the best E-Reader in the market. Even Amazon Kindle and other eReaders are not seems so interesting..

michass82682d ago

it is in deed good e-reader, but kindle has amazing battery live and thats make all difference. If i would looking for e-reader the battery life is one of the most important aspects. :)

techprezz2681d ago

Is that wise buying these eReaders instead of Tablets ?

fatstarr2679d ago

I want a nook just to hack it. I dont read books or anything but its a nice little device.