Acer AZ5700 all-in-one Desktop PC available for $867.54

Acer Aspire Z5700 is an All-in-one desktop PC (model AZ5700-U4002) with eye-catching design, this new all in one desktop features next-generation touch-screen technology with 23 inch wide LCD screen with full 1080p HD resolution.

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techprezz2682d ago

I think Acer AIO PCs are much more advanced and affordable than other AIO PCs in the market.

toaster2682d ago

The price might be good, but I've always had troubles with Acer products, especially monitors. They are really bad...

techprezz2682d ago

But im using Acer Monitor, bt i never feel any problems with it, What kind of issues u faced with Acer products ???

toaster2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

The quality of the monitors are just very bad in my experience. Very dim even with the brightness turned up. I've used an Acer laptop and a monitor and both screens seemed to hurt my eyes after long use, which doesn't seem to happen with my Dell monitors. They also seem a bit cheap to the touch.. :3 personal preference of course.

Anyways back on topic. My problem with these all-in-ones are that if one component goes kaput and you are without computer. If the monitor fails then you have to use an external monitor and that defeats the purpose of an all-in-one. This would most likely be a home PC for internet surfing and streaming videos since there is no way it's going to be able to run games at decent settings.

michass82682d ago

I think all companies have in their range some bad and great devices. I have Acer laptop and to be honest it is great one, while before I was using Sony Vaio and it wasn't great, but at the moment the new L series is brilliant, it is all about the amount of cash you spend on your new laptop, monitor, etc...

michass82682d ago

Price is not to bad for this Pc, but I think I'll stick with laptops...

aaaaaaaaa2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

when you look at the specs of this PC i think it is a laptop for the desktop

michass82682d ago

but still it is more convenience to use laptop for TechSpy LOL

techprezz2682d ago

If Acer AIO PCs are not well in performances, is there any AIO PCs with great specs there ???

HOSe2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

sony vaio L series. the new models are out now. they are nice.

Software_Lover2682d ago

If they want to compete with the IMACS. Thats really the only thing holding the AIO pc back. The IMACS just look better, and to the average consumer thats all that matters.

fatstarr2679d ago

yes that system looks so flawed i hate designs like this.