Apple Marketing exec confirms white iPhone coming this spring

Philip W. Schiller, Senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple has confirmed via Twitter that a white iPhone will be made available this spring. Unfortunately he as not mentioned which iPhone he was referring to.

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Speed-Racer2232d ago

Hmm interesting, if the iPhone 5 does come out this summer.. releasing the white iphone 4 would make little since since im pretty sure people are gonna camp 41 hours to get in line for the new 5, unless they hold of that release for later into the year.

SalvatoreLeone2232d ago

Meh, Ill stick with my black iphone.

RonyDean2232d ago

Agreed! Black looks so much better on the iPhone.

michass82232d ago

why they didn't release white iPhone along with the black one... is it so complicated to produce white instead black... why they wait for so long... is it only me missing something... LOL

Speed-Racer2231d ago

I saw a while back on PC Mag that the white backing was causing overexposure when folks took pics with the LED Flash, which meant the back plate had to be completely re-engineered with a different material. So much problems for a simple color.

GrumpyVeteran2231d ago

iPhone 5 is coming in 2012.

Only makes sense.

Aussiegamer2231d ago

I really dont see the big deal about these phones, I had a 3gs and hated it, got a htc desire and blackberry bold 9700 and never been happier.

michass82231d ago

The only thing I don't like in Htc Desire is the low internal memory... unless you have rooted device... iPhone is equipped in plenty memory, but I still prefer Htc. Anyway the iPhone 5 will be very interesting device...

Aussiegamer2231d ago

Yeah agree the only thing about the htc desire I didn't like is their is stuff all internal memory.

Speed-Racer2230d ago

Cant you boost your external memory?

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