Winamp Releases Android Media Player 1.0

Winamp has just released their Winamp 1.0 client for Google Android devices, allowing users to sync their music wirelessly from their Winamp Desktop library to their Android device over their Wi-Fi network. Get your copy of the Winamp Android application for free or through the Android Market

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michass82681d ago

I am running low in memory in my Htc Desire, but this is the example of must have app... :)

snoop_dizzle2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I would actually like to suggest Poweramp, It's a $5 dollar app, but it's one of the best apps I've used, and from what I've seen, pretty much pwns other multimedia apps. It supports more audio codecs, comes with a ton of features and a 10 band EQ as well. Pretty much beats winamp in every way. You can download a free version that lasts for like 2 weeks I believe with all the features. But if you buy it it will have to DL the full version and keep the trial version for it to work, but it doesn't take much space. Check it out!

If you play a lot of music on your phone, it's completely worth the price. As icing on the cake it actually looks nice too which is lacking on a lot of apps, unfortunately.

michass82680d ago

Thanks for this recommendation, I am hungry of a good apps. I don't mind to pay if something is really good :) I will definitely try it.