24 Images Of The Most Bizarre Gadgets Ever Invented

There weird, strange, outrageous, useless and sometimes creepy. These gadgets are some of the most bizarre devices ever invented, some of them made the cut to our living-rooms or laps while others fell into the void of the bizarro world. What you’re about to see defies the laws of gravity, common sense, nature, or a regular day at Chuck Norris’ house.

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michass82381d ago

Some reason the link to the full story is not opening for me? is it only my browser?

Techsmith2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

The site is down due a server issue.

Speed-Racer2381d ago

Dead link. I saw them earlier. I believe that shoe stand thing is fake though... PR Campaign thing.

Techsmith2381d ago

Its back now, true about the shoe stand.

Speed-Racer2381d ago

I wish I could turn my nexus one into a cigarette phone LOL