HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon to be released on March 17?

Consumers may have been bored of hearing rumors about the HTC Thunderbolt release since the Phone was unveiled at CES 2011 in last January. Unfortunately LTE 4G device has n’t yet been released and rumors are still coming out. this time the release date or expectation is coming from the Manufactures facebook Page but the page never indicaes any particular date instead says launch date ”Coming Soon”.

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techprezz2415d ago

I think HTC Thuderbird is better than HTC Desire In every aspect.

michass82415d ago

HTC Desire is 'old' device, Thunderbolt is the top device from HTC at the moment. All Desire line including HD and S have lower specs. I have the first model and it is still fine, now waiting for Gingerbread update... but thinking about upgrading... (Samsung galaxy s 2 or Motorola Atrix) :D

techprezz2415d ago

Is there any promising HTC Samrtphones coming with better spacs than Thunderbolt ?