Engadget's Top Gun Editors send in resignations

In the light of AOL’s big restructure, two more top gun editors at AOL have resigned from Engadget, one of the world’s biggest technology blogs on the web.

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Speed-Racer2414d ago

What a shame. These were some good writers. AOL's marketing plan is really killing blogging as is and I hope the same doesnt happen at Huffpost.

RonyDean2414d ago

Really sucks for these guys. AOL needs to stop being dicks!

michass82414d ago

As they said they will be fine. Good luck for them.

Techsmith2414d ago

Yea, Engadget is pretty much over. They might as well integrate it with the Huffington Post.

Techsmith2414d ago

These guys ran one of the biggest tech blogs in the world, they'll be fine :)

Speed-Racer2414d ago

The writers definitely will be fine. Pretty sure everyone wants to hire them now. As for engadget... not sure where they are headed now.

_Q_2414d ago

Wow these dudes are like rockstars in tech writing.. Its a shame to see it end. First gizmodo now this.

michass82414d ago

If not here, we will see them there (somewhere anyway)... LOL