Apple iPad 2 GPU Performance Explored: PowerVR SGX543MP2 Benchmarked

Aandatech: "Architecturally the 543MP2 has more than twice the compute horsepower of the SGX 535 used in Apple's A4. Each shader pipeline can execute twice the number of instructions per clock as the SGX 535, and then there are four times as many pipes in an SGX 543MP2 as there are in a 535. There are also efficiency improvements as well. Hidden surface removal works at twice the rate in the 543MP2 as it did in the 535. There's also a big boost in texture filtering performance as you'll see below."

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snoop_dizzle2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I didn't think the iPad 2 would beat the Xoom in performance, but apparently it does in a few ways...

Motorola will have to drop the price to compete. I know very few "average joes" that even know what a Xoom is. The Xoom still has some advantages like Flash (or will be getting that soon), but Netflix and Hulu on the iPad would be a bigger deal for me than flash, as better online content would likely come through those two apps.

At the same time I'm holding off of tablets for a while. Not necessarily just because of price though. Though I was contemplating an iPad 2 alongside my EVO. That would be an interesting combination.

michass82682d ago

Both devices are way too expensive. It is like 3 times more than production cost...