Images of HTC Incredible S Smartphone for Verizon appeared online; expected before Q2

HTC Incredible S is another Android Smartphone expected from Verizon, the Smartphone was unveiled at MWC 2011 last month, the smartphone was scheduled for release in Q2 2011.

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techprezz2686d ago

How much this HTC Incredible S costs ??

michass82686d ago

You can preorder it in UK for £479.99 so it is about $770... It is so expensive... while it have only 1GB internal storage... It is very important if you are using a lot of apps and games... this is a huge issue with Htc phones, even the top and new devices are very low in internal memory (most of them but not all) ...

techprezz2686d ago

Then, which is the best smartphone from HTC in ur reccomendation ??

user83971442685d ago

None! HTC sucks i hate them, they release more phones than any other companies combined.

michass82685d ago

Probably Thunderbolt at this point. :)

michass82685d ago

I don't think it is bad if company releasing a lot of devices, at least we have bigger choice. HTC have some grey devices, but yeah with most new models I'm a bit disappointed... ( internal memory isn't great... ) :/