New Preview of BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet PC appeared on YouTube

Have you been waiting for BlackBerry PlayBook? for now here is short preview from a YouTube Video to see the Tablet in action. the new video shows many footage from March 1 BlackBerry event in New York City.

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michass82537d ago

Another good tablet on the market, but the Xoom is the top one at the moment...

Speed-Racer2537d ago

Playbook is better then the Xoom.

michass82537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

What exactly is better??, they have pretty much the same specs, while PlayBook doesn't have dual flash, is smaller and have worse battery life, all other specs are much the same... unless I missed something :)
good comparison: http://www.knowyourmobile.c...

michass82537d ago

the price is important aspect, but the hardware are better in Xoom, is there much difference in price, as all sources stating different prices... If it is much cheaper, Playbook might be worth to consider...

Speed-Racer2536d ago

800 for the xoom and 400 for the playbook... xoom is simply too much money

michass82536d ago

Yeah, PlayBook is a winner if we talking about the price. There is not much difference in specs but the price is twice lower comparing with Xoom...

Speed-Racer2536d ago

I bought my nexus one over the iphone 3gs on price basis as well. both had similar specs, but the N1 was cheaper overall. i hate the camera quality though, much better on the iphone.

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techprezz2537d ago

But i think BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet is better than Xoom !!

techprezz2537d ago

Check out this video for iPad, Playbook, Galaxy Tab, Xoom comparison

michass82537d ago

Well herd to say, all this tabs are very good devices, but it is still pretty much a bigger version of the good smartphone... I think I will wait for better devices, with this technology speed, in next year the tablets will be insane.... LOL

techprezz2537d ago

Yeah, Its tablets Era!! Thousands of 'em coming !!!!!

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