Drawings of the iPhone 5 and iPhone Nano Leaked

These drawings haven’t spoiled the launch party of the iPad 2 as these doesn’t look that much appealing, especially to me(who is desperately waiting for the iPhone 5). At First, I thought it was iPhone 4 but the difference of a bigger screen makes it look stand-out from it’s predecessor, Check out he pictures.

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neoragex2687d ago

If this is it.. Am not buying it

Sahil2687d ago

Maybe.. not sure but it has been heavily reported that it would look mostly like iPhone 4

norman292686d ago

Photoshop FTW! Dont believe me? just search google theres plenty of sites that show tutorials of how to create your own phones, blackberry, iphone ect laptops games console. Plus just look at the button at the bottom its got noise pixelation from where it was cut out of an iphone image.