New online banking (SpyEye/ZeuS) trojan found

Last year the creators of two renowned online banking trojans, SpyEye and ZeuS, joined forces to create an ‘ultimate online banking trojan’ and it seems this new trojan is out in the wild right now.

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michass82506d ago

great... another one... hopefully my antivirus is good enough to handle all those hazards :)

technologymob2506d ago

What Antivirus do you run?

michass82506d ago

If I tell you, will You promise that You won't hack my computer :) LOL

technologymob2506d ago

I solemnly swear I will not!

michass82506d ago

and what antivirus do you run?

michass82506d ago

webroot internet security essentials

technologymob2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I can honestly say I have never heard of it. Could be worse, you could run Norton or Kaspersky... Personally, I run Avast. It's pretty lightweight yet awesome.

Also, I need more bubbles :(

michass82506d ago

yeah, those bubbles are handy :) I was using Avast previously, this 'webroot' thing I have won recently and it is actually pretty good... but when my subscription will finish, I will go back to Avast or maybe McAfee...

Speed-Racer2506d ago

Avast? Pshh... Kaspersky or Avira run rings around it.

dkgshiz2506d ago

I run Ubuntu so I'm all good.

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