The iPhone; savior of the blind

Life as a blind person can be tough. The fact you cannot see creates obvious problems during day-to-day life and one that comes to mind is attempting to pay for things using cash. But now there is a new app available on the Apple Store from LookTel that can inform you what value each note has simply by taking a picture of the note.

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technologymob2688d ago

Really useful and nice to see a 'helpful' app amongst the torrent of games and general crap on the Apple Store :)

technologymob2687d ago

A little odd how this has 0 degrees... I've never seen a story NEVER gain any temp?

darkdoom30002685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Although good intentions, it seems pretty useless... How is a blind person ment to operate a touch-based smart phone?

A normal blind person would find it hard to actually get into that app. :(

It's great for people with deteoriating eyelight, but blindness? no.