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New Nokia E7 Smartphone Review

Basically Nokia E7 is communicator with wide QWERTY keyboard and this is what communicator has been today. At a first look Nokia E7 is really felt to be Nokia N8 with very similar metallic unibody, in fact we can say that the Nokia E7 is N8 with wide QWERTY keyboard and some new features. Nokia E7 release was delayed many times due to some reason and recently Somewhere in European countries the device has been available, for last few days the Nokia E7 has been available for Pre-order in US and India. It costs $679. Anyway let’s check out a short review about the device’s features and functionality.

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michass82684d ago

Everything is perfect except one small thing - OS... it is still on Symbian...

techprezz2683d ago

So, which OS you would like to see on Nokia E7 ??