Logitech Unveils Z906 5.1 Speakers

The Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers are still tops for many PC users, and even some home theater users, but that isn't stopping Logitech from coming out with a new set. The Z906 5.1 speakers are the latest offering from Logitech and this time these are geared more for home theaters rather than computers. The Z906s feature five satellites, a subwoofer, a control unit, and a remote control, but this time the control unit sits horizontally and lacks the LCD display from the Z-5500s. There are a variety of orange LEDs on the control unit which will tell you everything you need to know . The remote control has been revamped and now features a power button, input selector, mute button, and a four-way navigator which also doubles as volume, level, and effect controls.

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