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Xbox Kinect shatters records, labeled as Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device in history

The Xbox Kinect has become such a hit that has taken top spot over Apple's iPhone and iPad for the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history.

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RonyDean2544d ago

I can not believe Kinect sold this many... Moms need to stop wasting their money on crap "cough"Wii"coug h".

Speed-Racer2544d ago

Need to get rid of that kiddy stuff XD... jk. Wii is awesome still, more family oriented.

TVippy2543d ago

I simply CANNOT believe it either, it's impossible. And here I was thinking it'll be a complete disaster.

SalvatoreLeone2544d ago

Lol I wonder what the sony fans have to say about this

Speed-Racer2544d ago

Now that wasn;t necessary

IllusionRSN2543d ago

I have to say.... good for Microsoft, maybe they are breaking even now after all the money they pumped into their failing Xbox? lol

GodsHand2543d ago

Well I did not bother to read, because I think its the same thing I read on CNN/Tech.

"It was sold to stores not consumers"

If that's the case, then that's were the difference lies, between Sony and Microsoft, but I want to say Sony started doing the sames with their numbers too.....

Captain Tuttle2544d ago

I've got Kinect, it's a pretty fun device. My wife and my kids love it. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are the killer apps right now but I'd like to see some more software announced for it.

Speed-Racer2543d ago

I wonder if it will ever be big enough to topple the Wii when more games support it. Hopefully nintendo comes out with a totally game changing console by then.

Captain Tuttle2543d ago

Short term I don't think it'll beat the Wii. MS seems to be in this for the long haul, I'm sure an improved Kinect will ship with the Xbox 720. I have a feeling that Nintendo is going to move away from the home console space and concentrate on handhelds as improbable as that sounds. It's just my gut talking. I think they'll be a Wii 2 and that will be it.

michass82544d ago

Thanks to the hacks lol