6 Reasons To Love and Hate the Xoom

Tom's Guide reviews the new Motorola Xoom. All of the bases are covered, including Honeycomb, the Android Market, Tegra 2, hardware quality, Flash support, and HD video playback performance.

"The Motorola Xoom is out, and while there are plenty of things to love about this flagship Honeycomb tablet, there is also much to lament."

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michass82630d ago

still the battery live isn't that great... you still can get a spare battery, but spending tons of cash for device like that you would expect that it will last alive a bit longer... overall great device...

Captain Tuttle2629d ago

9 hours of battery life with intensive use sounds great to me. This will probable be my first tablet but not for a few months, sounds like it needs some kinks worked out.

dconnors2628d ago

The best I've seen on a tablet so far is the iPad 2, which can hit ten hours. 7.5-10 hours, including gaming and video, is a pretty good range if you ask me.