IE9 final release available now

Microsoft have decided it is time to make IE9 available to the world at 9pm Pacific and about time too! IE9 has taken roughly 12 months to get from platform preview to final release.


For some reason I thought it was the 14th today. It's not out tonight it's out on the 14th! Someone may want to amend the title!

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technologymob2102d ago

Not going to overtake FF or Chrome... The other two are just superior in every way imo.

toaster2102d ago

Yep.. Internet Exploder has just been lagging too far behind the tech curve. Chrome and FF are pushing boundaries and it seems like IE is just playing catch up.

gaffyh2101d ago

I can't believe how good Chrome actually is, considering it came into the game very late. It's perfect, and super user-friendly, more so than even Firefox. One of my favourite but simple features is the fact that the tabs don't resize immediately when you close a tab, so if you want to close multiple tabs you can just continue to click in the same place and close as many as you want.

michass82102d ago

I will stay with my Chrome... but I will try IE9 anyway lol

technologymob2102d ago

I'll stick with my Firefox... Cmon V4!

Aussiegamer2101d ago

Yeah im using FF beta 4 atm and absolutely loving it, sorry IE im going to skip you again.

shadowon2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

The official version will be available on monday:

technologymob2102d ago

Well noted, got a little confused with my dates! Added an update!

michass82102d ago

lol You missed good few days :) well happens :D

Speed-Racer2101d ago

He has been having too many drinks lately.

dkgshiz2101d ago

I couldn't run it even if I wanted to. I just have a Mac and use ubuntu mostly. IE is just not needed anymore. Open sourced browsers are the way too go. Restrictive closed browsers are junk.

Three_Sisters2101d ago

Firefox/Chrome all the way!

michass82101d ago

They are the two best ones, I am using Chrome, finding it a bit more convenient LOL