Over 260,000 Android Phones Were Hacked

TheGamerBuzz writes, "Google has reluctantly stated that over 260,000 smartphones were hacked because of the virus-infected apps that sprang up across the service last week."

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toaster2690d ago

This is sad news, luckily I was not one of them. I do feel bad for those who got hacked. Like the article said, it's just one of the risks of having such an open network. Google came down with swift vengeance though :P

michass82690d ago

Hopefully it won't happen again and market will be a safe place :)

KingPin2689d ago

anyone got an article/link to a website to show what were the apps that were virus infected?

also what anti virus is great for the android phone?

not sure if mine is one of those casualties but id like to be on the safe side