Female Facebookers post more photos of themselves to boost self-esteem

A study coming out of the University of Buffalo has revealed that women are more likely to post many photos of themselves via social networking sites to feel better about themselves.

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RonyDean2511d ago

I think they need to do another study, I post "loads" of images a day.

thereapersson2510d ago

I think you mean that you post "loads" BECAUSE of all these images (if you catch my drift). ;)

Mmmkay2510d ago

as long as they look like this one I'm fine with it.

toaster2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

One of my pet peeves is people taking pictures of themselves. Especially in front of mirrors. Every time I see one of those photos I have to make fun of it.

Speed-Racer2510d ago

LOL .. I got deleted by about 3 girls for making comments about them when they do self poses in the mirror.

toaster2510d ago

lol Yeah man same here. It bothers me and I don't know why either. At least set your camera to delay the snap.. what I hate the absolute most, is people taking pictures of themselves and their arm is visibly extended. Sooo annoying.

Speed-Racer2510d ago

I know this chic who recently had boob implants and I ended up hiding her because everyday she posted pictures of herself at parties, with her boobs taking the spot light. Twas so annoying.

Fat Bastard2510d ago

I like boobs, and I like to see pictures of boobs. I don't find it annoying

Speed-Racer2510d ago

@Fat Bastard - The problem is most chics dont post boob shots and use push up bras to make themselves look better. The chic I mentioned...well it didnt look like a good boob job unfortunately.

SKUD2510d ago

I agree with Fat Bastard.

I'm a FULL supporter of female boob shots. I don't find them annoying at all.

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Senden2509d ago

Agreed.. especially the kissy face pictures in the mirror.. just why? And while I also agree boobs are good, fake boobs aren't!

michass82510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Gaga LOL if they want I can even take a video of them ;)

xino2510d ago

not new!

and they always want to compare your life with theirs by asking what do you do on your free time. If you say anything irrelevant that doesn't interest them, prepare to be shunt off.

RedDevils2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I probably simply say "in my free time I masturbate" lol jk

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The story is too old to be commented.