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Suicide Alert System Launched on Facebook

When we see status updates on Facebook, we are experiencing all kinds of moods from our friends, from ecstatic joy to the deepest depression. And sometimes status updates from people we know can be quite scary, revealing a person in deep crisis.

To help prevent suicide, Facebook has teamed up with Samaritans to create a Suicide Alert System, making it possible to notify Facebook’s user operations team, if someone you know is at risk.

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Ramon3MR2569d ago

I think this is a great idea!

Captain Tuttle2569d ago

Suicide is a terrible tragedy

michass82569d ago

Suicides are very selfish acts. People don't realize how much harm they are doing to family and friends. I've lost one of my best friends recently, he made a suicide because of a girl... this is not the end of the world if someone will split. People if you have a depression, look for a help, unless you don't have a balls to live...

xVeZx2568d ago

IMO it takes a lot of balls to commit suicide

ASSASSYN 36o2569d ago

I just tried it. It is not working.