Top 10 weak online passwords – is yours on the list?

Which? Convo: Look into my eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes… you’re under. You must change your useless password from ’123456′ to something tougher to crack. Three, two, one… you’re back in the room.

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KingPin2688d ago

aaaaahhhh :( all my passwords are listed. dammit!!!

techie2688d ago

Including 'princess'?

KingPin2688d ago

yeah, thats my girlfriends nick name. :O

cozmo1952687d ago

so on here your username and pass is either

KingPin : 123456
KingPin : 12345
KingPin : 123456789
KingPin : Password
KingPin : iloveyou
KingPin : princess
KingPin : rockyou
KingPin : 1234567
KingPin : 12345678
KingPin : abc123

GodsHand2687d ago

Mine are pretty tough, because it always a combination of alpha numeric. ex. roadhouse, would be r04dh0u53., of course that's just an example dont try using it on my accounts, I said don't.

walken72687d ago

That's the kind of combination some idiot would have on his luggage.