Google starts remotely deactivating Android malware apps

Google has begun the task of removing the ‘Dream Droid’ malware from its Android operating system. It is the first noteworthy viruses to hit the Android operating system infecting over 250,000 handsets have downloaded the virus

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technologymob2059d ago

I am aware there is an article on this but I feel mine is better written, more informative and also questions aspects of the Android approval process.

michass82059d ago

hopefully the apps approval process will improve and get more restricted, for our own safety...

technologymob2059d ago

I agree. I don't see how Google get away with barely any user interaction (i.e. approval processes). It needs to be added ASAP.

technologymob2058d ago

Out of curiosity... Has anyone, who has an Android phone and was infected, received the patch yet?

awiseman2058d ago

Approval process was not implemented because it is open source...however a simple screening process could not hurt.

fatstarr2058d ago

kinda scary... i wonder if i have this downloaded on my phone.