Intel Socket 1155 vs 1156 vs 1366 vs 2011

A buying guide to help you decide what to get in the battle of the sockets.

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toaster2693d ago

Nice overview. SB has amazing price/performance ration and I will probably be upgrading to that in the near(ish) future. If not, then x58 it will be since Gigabyte will be releasing a few motherboards. The G1 series in particular with the green/black look taht would fit well in a CM 690 II Advanced nVidia :) mmm green fetish.

Naota2693d ago

Nice choice on the case mate. I am looking to buy the same one.

TABSF2692d ago

Would wait for AMD Bulldozer.

Even if Intel is still quicker, there is a good chance they still will be but the prices should fall fast.

Naota2690d ago

I really hope Bulldozer comes out quick. I want them to put some serious competitive pressure out there on Intel. That will stop things like Intel offering 3 different motherboard series for their Sandybridge 1155 socket.