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A virus so large it gets viruses

Last year, researchers uncovered the largest virus yet discovered. With a genome that is over 700,000 base pairs long, the CroV virus has more DNA than some bacteria. Fortunately, it infects a small, unicellular organism that's very distantly related to humans. Now, the same research team is back, this time announcing that they've discovered a virus that attacks CroV, and may just have given rise to all transposable elements, sometimes known as jumping genes.

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michass82687d ago

Great, another field for scientist and terrorists to make the biological weapons...

fatstarr2686d ago

At first I was like dam thats a big ass computer virus how awesome. then i was like oh... that virus

TheKindRoost2686d ago

A virus inside a virus INFECTION!*inception music plays in the background*

toaster2686d ago

That's not enough, we need to go deeper!

INehalemEXI2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Learned recently a dude at Jbei makes an ecoli clone from scratch basicaly writing DNA code to use it to cure malaria. Gates helped em get it going.

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