Finally, the end of IE6?

For a long time Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has caused countless problems for a web designers and users. Is it time for it to end?

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BLAKHOODe2695d ago

after using IE for the last decade, i switched to Mozila FireFox (beta) 4 just last week and i'm NOT going back!

lepolohuevo2695d ago

the hell? what were you doing in the last decade? lol

dkgshiz2694d ago

?? Have you been living under a rock?

TABSF2695d ago

Why are people hurting themselves with this sh!t.
They could of gone IE 7,8 and now 9, there not great but using a web browser 10 years old!!! just WOW

OMG, what was they thinking!!!

Been using FireFox for years now and its just amazing, was on FireFox 3.6 but just upgraded to FireFox 4 three days ago.

Its really good, all Plugins, Extensions and Appearances worked no issues, you can even make FireFox 4 look like 3.6

TheGreat_12695d ago

I also used firefox for the past few years but have recently switched to Google Chrome. I like the look of it much better and it actually loads pages faster than firefox.

pistachiofiles2695d ago

I agree with you on the speed, but its not secure. It periodically backs up where you have been and your passwords to Google's servers.

technologymob2695d ago

Really? I knew Google loved information but passwords? That's pretty bad... I mean I don't mind them using my information about where I go for advertising, providing no-one else sees it... But backing up sensitive information is just a bad idea.

I know firefox can save your passwords but I'm pretty sure it won't back them up.

TheGreat_12694d ago

Haven't had any issues in terms of security issues and have been using it now for over a year. I did not know that though, I must of missed that in their TOS. I may have a look through it.

technologymob2695d ago

Chrome is great for general surfing but Firefox has a ton of useful add-ons for web developers (Firebug, ColorZilla, PageSpeed etc).

ReBurn2694d ago

I work for a company that creates web apps for large businesses. As long as Megacorp Inc. depends on ActiveX IE6 isn't going anywhere, whether Microsoft supports it or not.

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