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Liquid Cooling and Overclocking the GTX 580 with Danger Den

Guru3D: One review that has been wahayhaaay overdue is the one you're reading now. Early December we received a new water-block to liquid cool the GeForce GTX 580.

We finally had a GTX 580 available for modification and of course we jumped on it straight away.

So in the article we'll review the Danger Den GTX 580 liquid cooling block, as an extension to that we'll show you how to install the product and then look into cooling performance and everything related.

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Gondee2640d ago

God those are expensive. I would never cool that card on my loop, it just costs to much. I would need another Rad and pump more tubing. It requires a double Rad by its self, are you serious -_-

toaster2639d ago

Well yeah, you're not going to cool a CPU + GPU loop on a single rad. You'd need more tubing though but I think you'll be safe with the pump unless it's really small, you'd need to move a lot of water.

In most cases, an i7 + high end GPU you would want a triple rad with fans that push some serious air like Noctua.