Apple Announces $100 Refund for Recent iPad Purchases

Customers who bought a first generation iPad in the last two weeks you can choose to return the device to Apple, or request a refund of $ 100, now that the IPAD 2 has been announced. In addition, the company will launch a new dock designed to fit the smaller form factor of the IPAD 2, although no new keyboard dock has been demonstrated. The return coincides with the fall in prices for the iPad first generation that followed the announcement of two IPAD.

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toaster2694d ago

Similar to EVGA's StepUp program for video cards. It's great to see companies have this trade-in feature for recently bought products and for a release of a newer product. The consumer should not be punished for not knowing what is about to happen in the industry and what new products will release just around the corner.

fatstarr2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

its no feature, best buy is changing up the industry and they probably are gonna do something shady with all the electronics they receive back or just my look at it.

and 14 days ago lol i would be mad if i was 15 or 16 days ago.

NiKK_4192693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

only $100!? for something you could have paid $800 for?...just sell it on ebay or something

edit: only 2 weeks old!?!?! wow apple what a rip off

michass82693d ago

Lol lucky guys who bought it in last two weeks... the rest will be very upset :/

fatstarr2693d ago

Actually no, every tech enthusiast should just get enrolled in the buyback program now that i think about it. if you are frequent upgrader $249.50 for a 6month old ipad. sounds like a good deal, i would die for that during my gtx7600-9800 upgrading days. thats guaranteed money vs ebay and craigslist money.

snoop_dizzle2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I would be very weary about the buyback program, but I would say it depends on the product too. Something like an iPad (and most Apple products) retain a lot of resell value, and there is typically a high demand for them. You probably could get 300+ for one if you sold it. Apple sells a 1st generation 16 gig wifi version for 400. While people on craigslist would probably try to drive your price down, you would still be better suited to just sell it. However, with something like a t.v., the buyback program might be better simply so you don't have to sell it, ship it, or whatever.

If the difference were smaller, I would probably agree, but not with products that retain a decent resell value.