3 teens behind internet crime forum Gh0stMarket get jail

The Guardian reports that three UK teenagers who created and ran "one of the world's largest English-language internet crime forums," described in court as "Crimebook", have been sentenced to up to 5 years in jail. Authorities estimated that losses from credit card data traded over totaled more than $26 million dollars. Threatening to blow up the head of the police unit in charge of internet crimes after an earlier arrest was probably an unwise move.

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fatstarr2636d ago

wow sounds like something they would make a movie out of.
very interesting you need major b*lls to do something like this since they track everything now a days.

michass82636d ago

Threating the police wasn't smart move, flying back home was stupid as well, they should go through Scotland or Wales... Overall some stupid moves, but good story for movie... if they will sell the rights for their story they will get loads of money and probably get out of jail after 2 or 3 years for good behaviour...