iPad 2 proves Apple is still king of the tablets

Which? Convo: Yesterday Apple finally announced the iPad 2. It’s not a revolution by any means, far from it in fact. Yet close examination proves it’s still way ahead of the tablet competition.

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techie2696d ago

I'm not so sure. Xoom looks good

fatstarr2696d ago

well obviously you are first when you create your own market.

ex the DS was first because it created its own market.

techie2696d ago

Apple didn't create tablets - they were round for years before the iPad

fatstarr2695d ago

they created the market for it, the tablets b4 were not up to par or too expensive.

techie2696d ago

It does look sweet though. So skinny.

Horny Melon2694d ago

The tablet isn't going to be a permanent format. Within the next year or two it will develop into products like the Acer Iconia Touchbook or Motorola Atrix.