Apple staffer: iPad 2 has problems, wait for iPad 3

PC & Tech Authority: "Rumours of the iPad 3 undermine launch of second generation tablet, with an Apple staffer warning: "don't get your hopes up too high".

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TheColbertinator2697d ago

And yet the Apple drones will pick up two or three of those "new Ipads".Such a waste.

michass82696d ago

If you are the Apple fan you should buy the firs version, while it is on sale, or wait for the iPad3. There is very little improvement done with the iPad2... And it is overpriced as well... :/

mushroomwig2696d ago

An Apple product being overpriced? Now there's a shocker. :P

MightyMatt1012696d ago

Hahah! you took the words right out of my mouth! xD

ngecenk2696d ago

can you give me an example other tablet that has the same feature and cheaper?

i only got xoom... and its 100$ more expensive.

Andy_Elvis2696d ago


Every other tablet out there costs more than an Ipad 1 and/OR 2 at the moment....

Motorola xoom = Starting @ £500
Ipad 1 = Starting at £320
Ipad 2 = Starting at £425

thebudgetgamer2696d ago

eh, it's popular to hate apple.

fatstarr2696d ago

tablets == a market not to invest in yet.

apple sucks and you already know 6 months later the next one is out.
bestbuy has a program goin it might be a success for early adopters.

but like the other day i lost my effin zune charger and i went to 10 stores. they had a rack of chargers 90% for the same dam apple itouch/ipods and 10% to the other.

if you get some tablet that is non ipad for the next year you will have to use the internet to get almost everything for the device.

the market is not ready yet for it. xoom2 is coming out its gonna be announced by November guaranteed. and the ipad3...

toaster2696d ago

I don't understand the hate towards Apple. I love Apple, I use a Macbook Pro for work and I develop Android apps on it :3 ironic ey? I think the iPad is awesome and it really set the bar for touch computing and tablet devices of the future. I was really, really hyped for the Xoom and I even got to play test with one for like 5 minutes. It was good, but it just didn't feel as good as an iPad. Think I'm just going to wait it out for the next-next generation of tablets when the tech becomes more accessible (and cheaper).

But yeah I agree about the early adoption thing. I hate buying an iPod and then a few months later the next model comes out. Frekkin ridiculous.

fatstarr2696d ago

I hate on apple for personal reasons.
something that happened with my music years ago because of itunes.

but its opened my eyes to the clutch which they have on the market at first it was a small niche and not that noticeable but now their market is getting bigger you can see it more.

there's like 20 ipods and they all cost so much money. its like they barely depreciate, generation 1 ipods probably still sell for 75$ the strategy they have for selling products is disgusting but the mainstream has yet to see it. they just fall for it hook line and sinker every time.

ngecenk2695d ago

and you think there are onle 1 nokia cellphone?

every electronic companies do that. apple release product a year compared to nokias releasing 5 type of cellphone in a quarter.

this kind of mindset is misleading.

fatstarr2695d ago

the thing with apple is that it is proprietary.

other electronics company you have an option to choose to move to a different brand or buy a cheaper option.

with apple its not, its 1 product line, 1 product and its preprocessors and off spring every month or 2.