Steve Jobs Explains Why Tablets Aren’t PCs

Apple finally unveiled the iPad 2 and the world has officially gone tablet crazy. But, the man behind the touch-friendly device had a warning to would be tablet makers about their approach to the tablet market. During the iPad launch event, Jobs broke down what many in the smartphone and PC business are doing wrong and why they will fail if they continue down that path.

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michass82692d ago

... because they are Tablets, not PCs... LOL

Techsmith2692d ago

Thats one way to look at it :)

toaster2692d ago

Well it's more than that.. if you read the article. lol.

michass82691d ago

Of course it is more than that. But if Apple afraid of the competition, and more powerful devices, that is their problem. How do they want swap pc with the tablet? It is absolutely different device, laptops and PCs don't need to worry. It is absolutely inconvenient for longer time, so people will go back to their PCs and use tablets on the move, occasionally. But personally I don't mind that tablets getting more powerful and can be alternative to devices that we know well.

toaster2692d ago

He is definitely right. Manufacturers are treating tablets as if they are mini-PCs with touch gestures. The bond and forte of Apple is that they have a tightly woven mesh between software and the device. The control that Apple has over what gets approved onto the App store is the best way to keep consumers happy, only the good quality apps make it through (with the occasional crap app). The bond between software designed to work on a particular device and the device itself is strong with Apple products.

GrumpyVeteran2692d ago

There's a myriad of trash apps on their store.

outwar60102692d ago

plethora would have sounded better

maddfoxx2691d ago

I never understood the attraction of tablets. What makes them so great? Why get one?