Google Chrome Is the Most Loved Internet Browser

With the Chrome browser claiming about 11 percent of the browser market compared to Internet Explorer's nearly 57 percent grip, Google will have to settle for small victories. Like winning the love of the people. According to Amplicate, an online-option collating resource that accounts for more than 71 million public opinions of social media users, Google Chrome is the most loved browser in the world.

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toaster2666d ago

I started using Chrome during the very first early builds and I have stuck with it ever since. The performance and clean interface is great and with every update it just keeps getting better.

TheColbertinator2666d ago

My favorite browser.Chrome is the apex of fast internet surfing.I use Firefox for certain sites but Chrome gets the job done

toaster2666d ago

Yeah same here. I use Chrome for everything, but the only thing I don't like is how it handles downloads. I NEVER download anything through Shrome. I use a FF extension called DownThemAll to DL stuff. It works great.

I still love Chrome the most.

cpt_kaos2666d ago

Chrome is a good browser but far from perfect as I find some of my favorite news sites work far better with dare I say Internet Explorer as I have constant errors with chrome on these pages and navigating around Ebay is a nightmare with the constant need to scroll up and down the pages to do the most simple of things with it's jumping to the top with simple click on messages tab.

dkgshiz2666d ago

Are you using the same version of Chrome as me? Are you sure its not an old build from 2 years ago? I feel sorry for you that you have to use IE.

toaster2666d ago

There's an extension for that ;)

It's a tab that lets the browser render pages as if it was Internet Exploder. And I do feel sorry for you that you need to use IE.. it's just so bad, even with all the overhauls MS has tried to do.

dkgshiz2666d ago

Not really. Out of all of the popular browsers, opera is near the bottom for me. It easily out beats IE though. Just use Chrome or Firefox. The only two browsers that really matter.

Speed-Racer2666d ago

Opera is actually very very good and doesnt have a lot of overhead either. Id say it is a competitive alternative to Chrome. I never used it extensively though because im still loving the fox.

hesido2665d ago

I'm an Opera fan too. But Opera 10/11 haven't been too stable for me. I keep on using it, tho.

darkdoom30002666d ago

As much I I like google, I like Firefox4 better.

HOSe2666d ago

firefox 4 + dark fox skin = win!

Enate2665d ago

Man its funny you should mention dark fox that is my persona. Man Firefox 4 beta 12 is mad smooth and extremely clean lined. I don't have anymore hanging issues with my firefox like I had with FF3 and the speed is now pretty much matching chrome with the same great browser I love. Some people just seem like they were looking to jump ship I love firefox. An yea for awhile it was having some major issues but beta 12 is down right awesome.

I have chrome on my computer as well for opening alternate gmails and facebooks and occasional issues with anime streaming. They are both good but I'm in no rush to just drop firefox for me it is still the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.