TechReport Review: Intel's Core i7-990X Extreme processor

Friggin' Sandy Bridge, the golden child. My Westmere brothers and I are the biggest, baddest PC processors on the planet, and somehow, she still gets all the glory. Everybody is all, "Sandy this, Sandy that," even though she's slower than us. I say: if being second-rate and cheap were the keys to success in the world, everybody would be driving a Kia.

Well, look at the golden child now, hiding in inventory while her motherboards get replaced. Such a sad sight. People forget that "proven technology" isn't just a euphemism for old, unwanted junk. My ICH10R south bridge may be a little seasoned, but at least it didn't come out of the chute with a congenital defect. Plus, any little problems were ironed out several steppings ago.

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