AMD pits Llano against Sandy Bridge

AMD has posted a rather interesting Youtube clip comparing its upcoming Llano APU to an Intel Sandy Bridge processor.

The test pitted a Llano-based laptop against an Intel Core i7-2630QM rig in a couple of real life tests and, obviously, AMD came out on top. AMD ran some 3D and office apps side by side, proving that Llano could easily outperform Sandy Bridge in Final Fantasy, with not stuttering or dropped frames.

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toaster2700d ago

Impressive to say the least. It's just a test taste for what Bulldozer will have in store :)

Syko2699d ago

I smell Fanboy..Just saying =P

toaster2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Me? lol. I actually have no preference when it comes to CPUs. Whichever has the best performing will get my money. So far Intel has really impressed me with SB, but these new studies show that Bulldozer will be a frekkin powerhouse. Then again these tests are run by AMD... Intel still has X68/Xwhatever so we will just have to see.

But GPUs... don't get me started on why nVidia is the best ;)