TechSpy March Contest Details

Here in the month of March at TechSpy we want to reward the most active members of our community. This month's contest will be purely score based. So as the weather heats up so will a little community rivalry.

This month we are giving away 2 OnLive Gaming Systems. So gear up and crank up that score to get one of these.

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Captain Tuttle2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Download the OnLive application onto your PC and try out some demos for free to see if it'll work with your internet connection. The wireless stuff is in beta and it's pretty wonky but the wired stuff works really well. Not as good as a high end PC mind you but it's pretty impressive.
Here are my results for reference

Gondee2694d ago

I too use onlive quite heavily on the PC. Works great, but I'm merely 200 miles from their data center with a 35 millisecond response time, so my experience can't be true for all.

mjurek2693d ago

I have had Onlive since it has started and its a pretty great service. They sent me the Onlive console to test out, its flaky at first but its pretty good for a first version.