Amazon Appstore for Android launching this month?

Engadget: We've already had some indication that Amazon's own app store for Android devices would be launching fairly shortly, and it now looks like it could be coming as soon as this month. That word comes from the seemingly in-the-know ad network Millennial Media, which tweeted earlier today that the Amazon Appstore for Android is "launching this month," and linked to a blog post that details what's in store for developers.

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techniglee2697d ago

Digital media is the future of merchandise. If anyone can take on Walmart, it's Amazon.

Captain Tuttle2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Walmart's best days are behind it. It's becoming a dinosaur, even in the brick and mortar world. It's still the 900 pound gorilla, it's just getting long in the tooth (I wanted to see how many cliche's I could fit in :p)