Verizon's Huge Droid Clarence Sale

With 4G LTE Phones coming to Verizon in the next few weeks, most of the old phones gotta go with that we have a big sale from the big red. All Droid handsets have doped there price by 100$. All of thease phones are anywhere from 0$ to a 100$. This deals only at Verizons online store but it dose include free overnight shipping.

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PaPa-Slam2697d ago

Great opportunity, i still have the original Droid Phone & i still love it as much as the day 1, i'll probably change to Droid X Later Next Month.

Captain Tuttle2697d ago

Who approved this? There's some pathetic spelling skills on display.

toaster2697d ago

RacerX and I discussed this a while ago... some submissions and sites are very poorly written.

xVeZx2697d ago

iphone came to verizon and droid went down the drain