Check Into Foursquare, Facebook Places With Your Watch

If you’ve ever thought “I’d get so much more geo-location done in my day if it could all just be done from my watch,” the folks at inPulse smart watch have an app for you.

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michass82694d ago

hmmm... interesting, but you still using it through your phone... I prefer to use my smartphone for this type of actions... but idea is good. Hopeful this watches get the better design and build in gps in the future LOL

toaster2693d ago

I think everyone just needs to chill out. I mean.. there are just too many redundant ways to access/update social network sites.

"Oh look at me, my life is soooo interesting that I HAVE to update my Facebook with each and every event."

Instead, why not just enjoy those activities :P

I think this watch thing is kind of dumb.