Enjoying Discovery’s last flight [Pics]

Here are some high def pics from the STS-133 mission is now docked at the International Space Station. It’s a memorable occasion because it’s the 39th and final flight for the Discovery space shuttle. The STS-133 trip (the 133rd trip in the Space Shuttle program) was done to transport a number of component for permanent installation on the International Space Station.

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michass82644d ago

Stunning view:) How much for the trip ?? lol

Speed-Racer2644d ago

A couple years in flight school and NASA, then hopes and dreams of being selected from the many potential astronauts.... our you can pay Virgin a couple million for a vacation in space :P

michass82644d ago

:) the second version is more realistic :P I need to buy the lotto ticket LOL

codyodiodi2644d ago

Why am I going to school for computer science? I need to become an astronaut. Those views are amazing!