Vanished: 100,000 Gmail Accounts Gone, So much For Cloud Computing

Google’s popular little email service Gmail, just did a disappearing act that even Houdini couldn’t pull off.

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Speed-Racer2695d ago

What if your POP3 server goes offline? Also this happened to Hotmail recently and the problem was fixed. Could just be a little bit of instability in the cloud. If they have good back ups as well, they should be fine. Cloud computing is the way cause it's so much cheaper and much more flexible than dedicated set ups. Once the kinks are worked out, it will be a safe source. I also host my site on a cloud and ive been up 99.9% of the time over the last 5 months. I think I went down for about 2 hours tops.

Techsmith2695d ago

True, but with POP3 all of you're emails are saved locally.

Techsmith2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

ugh, double post

Speed-Racer2695d ago

But I mean, if your Pop3 server is down, you cant retrieve them in the first place...right? The problem with local storage is that you need to take your device everywhere. I used to be an MS Outlook kinda person but now I just use google apps to manage the site's emails.

Techsmith2695d ago

Right, its all cloud based regardless.

michass82694d ago

Hopefully they will fix that soon, as the 0.08% users are probably not too happy with this fact :)Google will lose some peoples trust..., but the Cloud based computing is definitely the future.