Why Facebook Should Buy Myspace then Nuke It

Derangdshaman: "For those of you who don’t know, Newscorp, Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate is in talks to sell Myspace, the former leader of the social networking scene. No one knows who the company is in talks with, but most would assume Facebook, and for good reason. MySpace as it stands today is a big steaming pile of excrement that’s going nowhere. Facebook and Twitters rise to the top of the social media ladder saw to that. What made MySpace great now makes it inadequate for most people’s taste today, which explains why so many of its abandoned the site."

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Speed-Racer2699d ago

MySpace is now becoming a music social network. Wouldnt make sense.

Techsmith2699d ago

Facebook Music sounds good right about now.

codyodiodi2699d ago

This article is total crap. Facebook has had over 500 million users for quite some time now even though you say "400 million users and growing" did you not research this topic at all?

Also why would Zuck buy MySpace for millions of dollars? When the website ultimately fails those users will come over to Facebook.

If he wants Facebook to do music then he can just put that into Facebook. There are plenty of bands that I'm sure would love to come over to Facebook.

All in all this article was poorly done, do research first then maybe I will read the rest of the article. However when I find a false fact I stop reading because there will likely be more false facts.

Speed-Racer2698d ago

Agreed. MySpace has no real value to Facebook. They are going in two different directions. Music on Facebook never really caught on, and I would not use the music app even if one was offered officially. Plus MySpace is dead.

Captain Tuttle2699d ago

MySpace nuked itself, no need for Facebook to spend a dime.