Fresh Leaks Suggest Apple iPhone 5 Features A 4″ Edge-To-Edge Display, Same Physical Size! reads: "Apple is prepping up for its March 2nd event to announce the iPad 2. It’s just around the same time that we may see Apple iOS 4.3 get announced, and may be Apple will talk about the next-gen iPhone as well.

But, that’s hardly a possibility. The iPhone 5 announcement, we mean. As per Apple’s tradition, we may soon have another iteration to the current gen iPhone : the iPhone 5, which has already been around in speculations."

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Strongfist362642d ago

Okay, so Apple's designs look cool but it needs to be functional. That little space that was there before the edge to edge screen will be touched constantly by parts of the hand.

Apple may be telling us a new way to hold our phones again.