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Dude Where’s My iPad?

derangedshaman: "When Apple released the iPad last year I’ll admit that I was enchanted by the idea of a portable computer that could possibly replace my laptop. I was so excited about the device that I took it almost everywhere with me. But after a while the thing began losing its luster, I barely use the thing anymore. Last time I saw my iPad, it was in my bedroom draw and as it stands today it will remain there."

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michass82701d ago

All this tablet devices are just a bit inconvenient, they are to big for your pocket, we don't like bags... and it is pretty much the same thing as the smartphone, just a bit bigger. You have your phone everywhere, and it is the device that you using the most, so better invest in top smartphone than the tablet device...
But it doesn't change the fact that I want Motorola Xoom... :) LOL

koehler832701d ago

They're really ideal for your bedside table and that's about it.

michass82701d ago

Agree, that is the place where everybody keeps them lol
If you are too tired for web surfing on your laptop/PC, you probably jump to bed with the tablet in your hand, and it is pretty much it... LOL