World's first Robot marathon takes place in Japan, Skynet slowly evolves

Japanese robotics company Vstone, is holding an event in Osaka Japan, that has tiny Cyborgs racing each other. While these small mechanical monsters has nothing on human physicality at the moment, it wont be long until T-1000's starts hitting the assembly lines.

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Techsmith2699d ago

T-1000 will evolve from these guys? lol

michass82699d ago

I saw some pictures of the project of the remote armed army robot, and it looks scary ... we will see this day soon :) lol

Quagmire2698d ago

Shi- someone get me a Time Machine, I gotta go back in time and have sex wi- I mean protect Sarah Connor!

2698d ago
zackacloud2698d ago

skynet will destroy control over the world and will hunt human

these not to intresteing just watch the andriod it(she) sames as PS1 CGI from Final Fantasy IX

cjflora2698d ago

With the terrible spelling and grammar coming from this site I'm surprised robots haven't taken over human race already.

michass82698d ago

We are trying hard. English is not my first language, but it is understandable... , how many languages do You know? Sending my T-1000 to You :) lol

Tommykrem2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Is one of the robots on wheels? Then they might as well have brought a normal remote controlled car!

EDIT: Ah, I suppose it's a camera car. They actually have those in the marathon too.