Despite Android, T-Mobile Loses 318,000 customers, 3.6% Churn Rate

Things have taking a turn for the worse for the nations 4th largest mobile carrier, during T-Mobiles earnings call today the company revealed that it lost a whopping 318,000 customers during the fourth quarter at a 3.6% churn rate.

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Techsmith2554d ago

I've been saying this for sometime know, they need better phones.

Max Power2553d ago

I have the G1 and this year is the end of that two year contract, and I think I am gunna go to Verizon for the new driod phones they are getting.

xVeZx2554d ago

they just need to die....they cant compete with att and doesnt matter how many times they bash the iphone or how hot the chick in the dress is...

Techsmith2554d ago

I think they need better phones and support and they should be fine.

michass82554d ago

There is a few groups of customers. All looking for a different phones, from cheap to the top models. Keeping all customers happy is the key to success. Good and big range of devices should help.
Prices are pretty much the same, between the carriers, so my conclusion is : it is all about the phones :)
By the way that chick is really hot lol :)

iNFAMOUZ12553d ago

better support??? have you even used t mobile, their support is excellent, I get coverage all the friggin time unlike sprint, at&t, better phone plans for t mobile. People just like to hate on t mobile because its the family friendly company.

Techsmith2553d ago

Here in NY their service is abysmal, but you right about att :)

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- Ghost of Sparta -2554d ago

AT&T? They have nothing left now after losing the iPhone and their network is slow as hell. Sprint destroys AT&T.

awiseman2554d ago

Hot chick, bad network. Its #1 on the youtube prank call list though. There are some pretty good arnald sounboard prank calls to tmobile. Att is second amd they suck to

SpongeFreak522554d ago

Am I the only one who wanted to see a commercial in which the iPhone guy becomes jailbroken, and drop-kicks that girl while he FaceTimes over 3G?

awiseman2553d ago

Iphone is garbage jailbreaking wud be a luxary we want it to fail.

iNFAMOUZ12553d ago

what?? i dont believe this nonsense, t mobile has been getting way good phones as of late, the new galaxy s 4g is awesome, plus i've heard my friends and family all joining, I call bs on this, t mobile ftw!

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